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Make Your Own 5 Minute Audio For Anxiety Self-Help

The one audio download that I've made that people love is the "5 Minute Audio For Anxiety Self-Help."

Basically it’s me talking to you about bringing down anxiety levels and I have a specific way I do this.

But what’s also useful is if you talk to you. In other words, if the person who’s suffering from anxiety records this audio themselves then listens to it themselves, it could also have a very powerful effect.


With this in mind, here is the text I used for my audio for you to record for yourself.

So, you simply record this and I recommend you listen to it every time your anxiety is overwhelming you.


If you’re feeling extremely anxious then this audio is for you. So if your anxiety is really high, what you need to do is let it happen. Don’t try to control it,
It's just your body, having sensations, which feel awful, but are not dangerous. It’s just adrenaline surging round your body. Your body is OK. Tell your body it's okay.
Smile with your body. Let go of your shoulders, feel your feet on the floor. Let go of your stomach. Become aware of what’s around you and focus on one thing. Any one thing.
Take your focus away from the sensations in your body and onto this one thing. Now listen to the sounds around you. Focus on them. You don't need to keep checking on the sensations of anxiety, but let them happen. You are not in any danger. This is just an adrenaline surge being triggered. You've had it before. You are in no danger.
Your body has gone into extreme fight or flight mode, but it has made a mistake. You are just waiting for the sensations to pass. Let them do what they want to do. It may get worse. But it's just sensations.
They are just passing through you.
You've been on the edge for some time worrying about being anxious. And that's what keeps the adrenaline surging.
You’ve simply been anticipating anxiety and now it's been triggered.
That's all it is.
No catastrophe is going to happen. You've simply been triggered, because you've been waiting for the anxiety.
When you are triggered you panic that there's something very wrong.
But there isn't. It's just sensations. Fight or Flight sensations.
It's just adrenaline and you are okay.
Sometimes it's very strong.
And sometimes it fades away.
It always passes because it's simply adrenaline.
Adrenaline always passes, just ride it out, and it will calm down, don’t try to stop it, or switch it off. You're not in any danger so try to relax, trying to change it makes it worse. Trying to push it away makes it stronger.
Just let it happen. It will pass, and you are in no danger.
It's just the fight or flight trigger.
Feel your feet on the floor.
Let go of your stomach. Let go with your shoulders.
When you let go of your stomach you will breathe normally. Become aware of what’s around you. Focus on one thing.
Any one thing.
Check to see if the symptoms are still there.
If they are.
Come back into the room; listen to the sounds around you
These sensations will pass soon.
Just allow your body to do its thing.
It's just adrenaline, and it will pass; catch yourself catastrophizing but don’t try to stop it.
let it happen.
It's okay. It's just your body, having sensations, which feel awful, but it’s not dangerous, it's just adrenaline.
It will soon pass and you will feel calm once again.

Here's my recording:

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