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Some examples of my Key Talks:


  • Hopelessness to Happiness: The four key steps that can change the mindset from a depressive hopeless state to a peaceful, purposeful life

  • How Being Depressed Can Be The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened. It’s not all bad and there’s a reason for depression; discovering and uncovering this can mean a life turnaround.

  • Depression In The Workplace. Ways to spot the signs of depression; guidance on how to manage depression in the workplace.

  • Helping Someone Who’s Depressed. An explanation for family and loved one’s of someone who’s depressed together with an outline strategy on how to offer real, practical help

  • The Cure For Depression Is The Same For Everyone. The reasons for why people get depressed are limitless but the route to recovery is very similar. We look at the why’s and how’s and case studies to show how this works.

  • Raise Productivity By Raising Mental Health In The Workplace. How by putting mental health high on the priority list can increase motivation and the bottom line.

  • Five Pillars Of Happiness. Explains the fundamental elements that make us happy.

  • How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life. How learning a simple yet powerful technique can reap incredible benefitst’s easy.


I tailor talks to my audience. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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