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Beat Depression Fast:


Reviewed by Gretchen Wagner for City Book Review. For full text click here.


"The ten steps address important issues such as Acceptance, Trust, Healing Toxic Shame, Becoming Fully Responsible, and the body-mind connection. Each chapter is compassionate and healing, and invites the reader to try, even if skeptical. Gently, it leads the reader into a new way of living, free from depression and instead filled with joy."


Reviewed by Lexcopy. For full text click here. 


"Want to recover from depression – fast? Alexandra Massey delivers her uncomplicated and accessible 10-step programme that will help you make real changes from Day 1. A sufferer’s guide to overcoming depression and feeling better using powerful techniques including Positive Psychology, CBT, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


This book will guide the reader towards recovery from depression – fast. Based on Alexandra Massey’s personal experience of depression and counselling of hundreds of callers on help lines, and grounded in evidence-based Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, this book addresses the widespread need for an uncomplicated, accessible and effective approach to beating depression. The book is both authoritative and empathetic – the author knows how you feel now and she also knows how you can feel better sooner."


Superfoods To Boost Your Mood:


Reviewed by Rapid Cycle.  For full text click here.


"It’s been one week since i’ve changed my diet and I feel great. I have to admit I was skeptical at first when I bought the book Super Foods to Boost Your mood, Foods that Fight Depression for a measley $5.00AU but figured if there were foods out there that could change my mood then i’d give it a shot.The first thing i’ve noticed is that I feel more relaxed. Usually at night when I go to bed I feel tense and have rocking movements of the trunk of the body caused by the medications I am on. These have been reduced by half to three quarters."



Beat Depression And Reclaim Your Life:


Reviewed for SANE

"Started to read again self help book by Alexandra Massey " Beat Depression & Reclaim Your Life" - she also lives with depression- excellent book to read, you must try it ! helps to refocus your feelings and thoughts." For full text click here.



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