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8 Things You Can Stop Worrying About

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1. Wishing things were different. You will never get what you think will make you happy in the future because when you get to the future, you're right back here in the present day still wishing things were different. Dropping the yearning for something you don't have in the future brings instant relief. See it this way: many people wish they had what you have now. Appreciate what you do have.

2. Regret. Not one good thing comes from regretting the past. We all make mistakes but this is how we become stronger. Trying to change the past brings nothing but angst. Leave the past behind and concentrate on enjoying how life is opening up for you at the moment.

3. What other people think about you. Others see what they want to see, whether they knowingly do it or not. You can't change that and there's very little you can do to influence it. Let what they say wash off you. They can't stand in your shoes. Likewise, you can't stand in theirs. Don't let others live rent free in your head.

4. Sweating the small stuff. When you're on your deathbed, do you think you'll be worrying about the stuff you're worrying about today? No. You will not be thinking about the meeting you missed or the how to pay the bills. You'll be thinking about the people in your life and the love you've shared. You'll wonder how you can tell someone what they've meant to you or how you forgive someone that's hurt you. The small stuff is not worth getting stressed over. You've always handled it and you always will. Focus on the more important things and people in your life.

5. Thinking you can make someone feel bad. It's 100% impossible to make someone feel a certain way. No one can get into another's head and change their emotions, it's absolutely impossible. You are only responsible for how you present yourself to others. How they respond is not your responsibility.

6. Other people's drama. Others will always have drama and getting drawn in will only invite needless drama in your life. Learn to walk away from it. Drama takes us away from our stillness. You can support, from a distance, without becoming embroiled. Concentrate on your own life and you will become more positive, focused and calm.

7. Trying to impress others. When you crave praise from others, it costs you in other ways. You might work too hard to make more money or diet too much to make someone love you. In trying to impress others you weaken your own worth. What does work, however, is to give yourself the praise you crave. Practice self approval

8. Fear about the future. Fear happens when the mind projects into the future. To try and control the future is insanity. The future is simply a figment of your imagination, a story you've made up in your head. If it's a negative future your body reacts by going into the flight or fight mode and this sets up a release of stress hormones. To stop that reaction, stay in today and if it's not going well then fix it. If it can't be fixed then leave the situation; if you can't leave it then accept it. Accepting where you are instantly stops this draining merry-go-round and replaces it with harmony, inner peace and happiness


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