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We have come a long way to discover who we are.

We have been through pain, anger, frustration and

enlightenment. And now our real journey begins as we

find a way to leave the past behind and turn towards our future.

We do this with strength, hope and the guidance of our Higher Power.


In order to assimilate the principles of A Program Of Miracles, this step helps us by offering a daily plan. We do not wish to waiver from the principles of A Program Of Miracles, but we need a simple guide to keep us on the right path.


A suggested daily plan is as follows:


  • Start the day with prayer

  • Hand your will and your life over to your Higher Power

  • Become aware of the way your Higher Power shows you the way

  • Take responsibility for your own side of the street

  • If you are wrong, promptly admit it

  • Be aligned to making a living amend to others by consciously changing your behavior

  • Keep your inner child safe

  • Undertake some service

  • Make a note of 10 things to be grateful for

  • End the day with meditation


As we walk the ‘road less traveled’ we look back and see how our life journey has brought us to this place. It was a necessary journey that led us to many insights about why we felt and behaved the way we did.


And now the Miracles will begin as we recognize that we no longer walk to the beat of the old drum. We pick up from where we left off, before we changed who we were to survive, and now we can see that life is a journey of wonder.


We feel the awe, which lives inside us, and we adapt to a new life that offers us the grace of our Higher Power as our guide. We feel the sense of wholeness and belonging. We recognize our gifts to the world, which arise from the stillness that sits inside us.


We breathe in tune with our Higher Power’s breath. We place our feet in His footsteps. We are a Miracle.

A Daily Plan

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