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STEP 24 

Personal Evaluation

- Sexual Abuse

Some of us suffered sexual abuse as a child and some of us don’t recognize that we suffered sexual abuse as a child. This exercise may stir up memories that had previously been buried. It’s strongly recommended you stay close to a fellow Miracle Worker, counselor or trusted friend as you work through this step.


The very nature of sexual abuse causes confusion. Did we do something wrong? Was it our fault? Abuse survivors may have been told it was their fault, or they were too sexy, etc. As children we assume that wrongs are our fault, and to be outright told they are creates an inner turmoil. As memories are uncovered, it’s important to feel safe enough to allow them to surface. It’s strongly recommended you get a safety net in place before you undertake this exercise.


The bottom line is, we didn’t create the abuse and it wasn’t our fault. Some of us, however, became abusers ourselves as a direct result of being abused. It’s painful to admit that, and it can be disturbing for us.


This is the place to start opening up about the truth of what happened and how it manifested into sexual behavior as adults. Stay closely in tune with your higher power during this exercise.




Write down these questions and then the answers in your journal:


  1. The name of the abuser

  2. What took place?

  3. Who did I tell?

  4. What happened as a result?

  5. When did it stop?

  6. Who was to blame?

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